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Confidential Conversations

Confidential Conversations

It's Good To Talk...

Sometimes life presents us with challenging situations that leave us feeling overwhelmed.  This can:

  • Affect our ability to cope
  • Negatively impact our performance at work

These challenges can be an inherent part of our occupation. The unintended consequences of work-related stress can threaten to damage our most important relationships.

Confidential Conversations

Our experience and professional expertise has shown that talking to a professional counsellor can help.

Having access to counselling services from our workplace can be foundational to building wellbeing as an individual and in the workforce we are part of.

Benefits of a Workplace Counselling Programme include:

  • Engagement in behaviours that encourage wellbeing
  • Increased satisfaction with life and work
  • Enhance the environment of the workplace
  • Mentally healthy workplace = increased productivity
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Information for Employees

We offer:


Information for Employers

We offer:


Starting The Conversation...

Single package of 6 counselling sessions offers organisations immediate access to professional counselling support for an employee who may be encountering a period of distress, giving employers the ability to respond as situations arise.

Package offers:

  • Six sessions of counselling for a designated employee
  • Dedicated phone line for employee to access service
  • Appointment confirmed within 24 hours
  • A safe, neutral and confidential space
  • Access to experienced and qualified practitioners
  • All types of counselling support
  • Choice of locations
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