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Corporate Information


There are 31 members of the Social Care Council; 28 are appointed by The General Assembly with a Convener and 2 Vice Conveners:

  • Convener - Mr Bill Steele  
  • Vice Convener - Rev Hugh Stewart
  • Vice Convener - Irene McGugan

Management Structure

Chief Executive Officer Viv Dickenson

Tel: 0131 657 2000 

Director of Services to Older People Allan Logan Tel: 01698 464154
Director of Adult Care Services Calum Murray Tel: 01738 783200
Director of HR & Organisational Development Mari Rennie Tel: 0131 657 2000
Director of Finance & Resources Ian Wauchope Tel: 0131 657 2000
Director of Children and Family Services Sheila Gordon Tel: 01698 464154


CrossReach Value Statements

• To accept and respect everyone for their own individual worth

• To consult with and involve individuals and/or their representatives in issues that affect them

• To ensure that the reasons for our actions are transparent and that we act with integrity

• To treat everyone with fairness and consistency and be accountable for our actions

• To seek to serve and support everyone in a spirit of grace, humility and compassion

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Mission Statement: 

“In Christ’s name we seek to support people

to achieve the highest quality of life

which they are capable of achieving at any given time”

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