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CrossReach Morven Day Services: Celebrating 25 Years of Achievement

CrossReach Morven Day Services: Celebrating 25 Years of Achievement

Thanks to a gentleman called Bill Greer, the doors to CrossReach Morven Day Services opened for the first time twenty five years ago.

In a role similar to that of our Heads of Service in the then Board of Social Responsibility, Bill had long seen the need for a place where people who had mental health problems could be supported in an environment free from judgement and stigma.

His tireless commitment to seeing his passion become reality culminated in the securing of funds to establish and run the service.

We were therefore delighted when Bill’s daughter and Counsellor for East Ayrshire Council, Maureen McKay opened the third CrossReach Morven Day Services Art Exhibition [11 October 2017].

Celebrating achievement, the art exhibition displayed arts and crafts created by the people supported by Morven Day Services.  The contributors wanted to demonstrate even when impacted with a mental health issue (which can often be serious), people can be productive and creative.

They organised and run the event with limited support from the staff team, further demonstrating something of the achievements possible when individuals know they are valued for the people they are and not seen through stigmatising and misrepresenting labels.

Allan Marshall, deputy manager of the service said, “This is our 25th year of service in East Ayrshire and we are proud to continue to provide a service which has supported so many people over the years.”

Councillor McKay noted, “The exceptional work displayed here confirms my father’s, vision that if people are given the opportunity to be creative, it will improve their mental health.”

Congratulations to everyone involved in making the day such a success.  Our special thanks goes to Counsellor McKay for joining with us in celebrating the ongoing work started by her father.


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