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CRWK17 Day 4 – Welcome, Safe and Free From Judgement

CRWK17 Day 4 – Welcome, Safe and Free From Judgement

Today’s focus was on the support we offer for people who have mental health issues.  It was about stepping towards individuals.  It was about appreciation.  

CrossReach Morven Day Services was the first of two visits. As one who promotes inclusion and seeing the colour in each individual, the Rt Rev Dr Browning almost immediately commented on his pleasure at the family feel of the centre.  

The Morven DS ‘family’ shared their stories, experiences, challenges and successes, and the works of the Art Group were on display.

Keen to remember the welcoming atmosphere and the visible impact this has on making it easier for people to seek support, the Rt Rev Dr Browning bought a picture from the Art Group before leaving for Gaberston.  (The funds raised from the purchases from the Art Group go towards buying further art materials).

Tea and Grey Cake were shared with the people supported by Gaberston and the Moderator eagerly recounted his Grey Cake Bake Off experiences.

Tales and photos of trips around Scottish places of interest were exchanged before everyone engaged in a game loved by all (including Rt Rev Dr Browning) – Croquet.

During the discussions about leaving long-stay hospital to live in Gaberston, the Moderator once again noted a happy sense of safety and home.

Before taking his leave, the residents presented Rt Rev Dr Browning with artwork as a memento of his visit.

 - Video reflection on visit to Morven Day Services by Rt Rev Dr Browning
 - Video reflection on visit with Gaberston Residents by Rt Rev Dr Browning




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