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CRWK17 Day 6 - Celebrating The Work Of CrossReach

CRWK17 Day 6 - Celebrating The Work Of CrossReach

The day began by sharing breakfast with some of our supporters – thanking them for journeying with us and celebrating the contribution they have made to CrossReach.

Following this event, Rt Rev Dr Browning took time to meet some of the staff from Charis House, the CrossReach main office, where he launched The Moderator’s Challenge – Croquet!  He said this was one of his favourite recreation activities during his Oxford University days).

Unexpectedly, the sun brightened the sky as friends of CrossReach joined in the celebrations with games on the lawn, in the soft play tent and an ice-cream van added to the sense of fun.

Following a brief tour of the House, there was a short service of thanksgiving for the time we have spent with Rt Rev Dr Browning this week and for the opportunity this gave for us to share our work with him.

In his address, The Moderator highlighted the recurring sense of safety, welcome, no judgement and being included he heard about as he chatted with the people we support.

He noted the services we offer have given many people a sense of purpose.  He went on to say it’s frightening to think that for some of the people he met, had CrossReach ”…not been there for them, they would not be there for anyone now.”

Following a buffet lunch, Rt Rev Dr Browning took his leave.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for his time and support.

 - Video reflection on visit to PND Services by Rt Rev Dr Browning


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