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Do you have a comment, compliment or complaint?

Complaints Procedure
(The following process may be completed before reaching the final stage):

  1. Speak to any member of staff.
  2. Give written details of complaint to senior staff member.
  3. You receive acknowledgement of complaint within 3 working days & formal response within 28 days. 
  4. The Manager of the related CrossReach Counselling Service will forward your written complaint to the Head of CrossReach Counselling Services (see below for contact details).
  5. The Head of Services acknowledges your complaint within 3 working days & you receive formal response within 28 days.
  6. Head of Services refers your complaint to CrossReach Director of Children & Families, Viv Dickenson, tel: 01698 464 028. 

List of contacts:

CrossReach Complaints and Compliment Policy leaflets:



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