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The Far Reaching Impact of CrossReach Week - Viv Dickenson, CEO

The Far Reaching Impact of CrossReach Week - Viv Dickenson, CEO

“CrossReach Week may only last for seven days, but the impact can be much more far reaching. 


“The Very Rev Dr Lorna Hood (Moderator in 2013-14) signed ‘The Pledge to Listen’ on behalf of the Church – a campaign run by Who Cares Scotland which materially changed the law in terms of support to looked after children. 

“The very Rev Dr Russell Barr (Moderator in 2016 – 2017) met with the Principal of Strathclyde University, and as a result we are working with the University on an international research project on stigma and childhood. 

“It is an incredible opportunity for CrossReach to be able to showcase to the Moderator and wider church some of the transformative work we are involved in on a day to day basis, but it can also be an opportunity to think about some of the wider issues affecting the people of Scotland and to join forces for positive change.

“CrossReach week can be a lot of fun.  From belly dancing to learning to fly, past Moderators have been invited to take part in a number of interesting and entertaining activities whilst exploring some serious issues. 

“We very much look forward to spending a week with Dr Browning, and whilst much of that week will be spent discussing the consequences of poor mental health, we will be sure to keep the Moderator’s own spirits up in a variety of ways.

“Introducing the Moderator to our staff and volunteers is one of the highlights of the year.  We know that the social care workforce can be undervalued but the Moderator putting aside a whole week to spend time with CrossReach illustrates in some tangible way, the true value the Church places on the work that is done and those who do it.

“Former Moderators Russell Barr and Angus Morrison have both described CrossReach as ‘the jewel in the crown of the church’.  For one week every year we throw open the doors of our most precious places and invite everyone to take a look, and to think about how they too might support CrossReach so that the jewel of ‘love in action’ can continue to shine brightly for many years to come.”

Extract from “Love in action” by Jackie Macadam, Life and Work, September 2017 edition



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