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Our vision, values and aims

Our vision

We believe all children are unique and deserve opportunities to grow, to succeed and to be our future.

Our values

  • We are all unique
  • We all want to be included
  • We are all doing the best we can
  • We all need extra opportunities to discover who and how we want to be
  • Our behaviour, thinking and feelings are understandable and explainable
  • We all have strengths and resiliences
  • We can all face our vulnerabilities and mistakes without shame
  • We can all develop new and different ways of being

Our aims for children & young people

  • To nurture a sense of self and understanding our place in the world.
  • To understand how relationships are able to provide Love, Safety, Stability, Trust and Hope.
  • To provide experiences of success through developing skills for Life, for Learning and for Employment.

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