Our Way of Being

Our Way of Being


Promoting resilience through positive relationships

"Hope, Understanding, Belonging"

CrossReach has always held closely the principle of the ‘child at the heart’ in all our decision making and we firmly believe that children and young people who have been harmed through relationships can be healed through relationships by providing:

  • A stable adult role model
  • A sense of safety through consistent daily rhythms and routines
  • Clear and explicit boundaries and expectations, which are flexible to meet individual needs
  • Learning opportunities that allow for children and young people and adults to interact appropriately within a safe emotional and physical environment
  • New positive and purposeful experiences, allowing individuals to understand their world from a different perspective
  • A weekly celebration of success

We understand that attachment is not a single process or event, but rather a life long journey for all of us. 

Read more about “Our Way of Being” (PDF)

Through interacting with children, young people and families in a relational-attachment informed approach, we are able to provide new purposeful and positive experiences which enable individuals to see their world from a different perspective.

Read more about “Our Vision”, “Our Values” and “Our Aims & Objectives.”

Our Way of Being

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