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Whiteinch Move On Service

Whiteinch Move On Service

  • The service provides temporary furnished accommodation and support to adults in recovery from substance misuse, who have achieved a period of stability through residential or community rehabilitation.
  • The aim is to support service users to sustain a lifestyle free from substance misuse, including alcohol, and to become an active and contributing members of society.
  • The service will be primarily abstinence based, but may be available to people on methadone or similar, who have achieved a period of stability, subject to careful assessment.
  • The support will be delivered over a period of 6 to 9 months as service users are supported to work through an individual support/recovery plan incorporating their personal needs and aspirations and building their confidence in their ability to recover from problematic substance misuse and re-establish themselves in stable accommodation with a purposeful lifestyle. 

Our link below will take you to a printable Welcome to Whiteinch booklet which will give you a lot more information about what service we provide

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This link takes you to the house rules and will give you all the information you need on what is expected from the way we work together within the service

To read the house rules click here

If you click on this link you will get a copy of our housing agreement just so you know what we would expect from you

To read some important information you need to know on staying with us click here

If you want to join us please find the referral form below

To download a referral form click here

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Contact Details

Peter Allen
Whiteinch Move On Service
0/5 13 Victoria Park Drive South
G14 9RN
0141 959 5069
0141 950 1991


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