Business Partner (Quality, Compliance & Improvement)

Salary: From £47,098.00 to £47,098.00

Plus Car Allowance

Hours per week: 40.00

Job Status: Permanent

Closing Date:

Job Type: Full Time

Responsible To: Human Resources And Organisational Development Director

Location: Charis House
Charis House, 47 Milton Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 2SR

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Be part of our professional, people focused team where colleagues have shared values and what you do has a genuine impact on the people who use our services.


CrossReach is committed to supporting staff to deliver the best possible service.

We will nurture your talents, train, support and upskill you to do your job and help you to reach your full potential.  You can feel reassured that you are working for a highly respected, and caring organisation, with a 150 year history.

Our values, based on Christian principles are at the heart of what we do.  If you want to work in a corporate environment where colleagues share your values then apply now to join our team knowing that not only will you enjoy real job satisfaction and a good benefits package but the role you undertake will have a real impact on the lives of people who use our services.


Main Function

  1. To champion and influence quality throughout the organisation.
  2. To ensure that organisational performance is measured and evidenced.
  3. To be responsible for the overall management and co-ordination of the Quality, Compliance and Improvement section with direct managerial responsibility for team members.
  4. To promote good record management practices and ensure compliant procedures are in place across the organisation.
  5. To oversee the management the HR database system, ensuring ongoing stability, regular reporting and system development.
  6. To oversee organisational learning and improvement arising from reports from regulatory bodies, complaints and other sources.
  7. To monitor and evaluate organisational compliance and complaint management.
  8. To identify and apply process redesign to improve system and process flow.
  9. To take a lead role in policy development and ensure regular reviews.

Main Duties

Measuring and Evidencing Organisational Performance

  1. To support the lead officer for the HR and Quality Governance Group of the Board.
  2. To provide CMT with evidential material on CrossReach in relation to operational performance.
  3. To lead on the development and maintenance of a corporate quality assurance system within CrossReach.
  4. To understand the strategic direction for the organisation and service delivery areas so that key performance targets within own area can be identified with appropriate timescales.
  5. To maintain a consistent and appropriate statistical record of quality indicators at an organisational level within CrossReach to enable benchmarking both internally and externally.
  6. To contribute to organisational tenders from a quality and compliance perspective.
  7. To work across the organisation and in co-operation with Business Partners and Heads of Service to ensure standards of service for customers and service users are in place to enable CrossReach to compete in the market place.
  8. To lead Corporate Services in retaining the Customer Service Excellence Award.

Organisational Learning and Improvement

  1. To keep an organisational overview of the demands of regulatory bodies, report on any trends and ensure learning, knowledge and resources are shared across service areas.
  2. To identify organisational learning from reports, investigations and complaints and ensure identified actions are implemented.
  3. To support Head of Service to identify and respond to the needs and aspirations of service users.
  4. To develop, issue and analyse organisational surveys for employees and people who use CrossReach services.
  5. To support the Chief Executive in Critical Incident Reviews and sharing organisational learning.
  6. To produce and publish the Learning Points Bulletin

Organisational Compliance

  1. To ensure that CrossReach has a system in place allowing the organisation to keep abreast of with legislative and statutory requirements laid down by the regulatory, accrediting and procuring bodies with which we conduct business.
  2.  To ensure appropriate organisational and regulatory policies are in place and up-to-date/current.  Also to chair an organisational policy group enabling participation from across the organisation.
  3. To establish and maintain systems of document control for policies.
  4. To ensure robust processes are in place for good records management.
  5. To produce information for external inquires from historical records.
  6. To collate and produce organisational responses to national consultations as agreed by the Corporate Management Team.

Complaint Management

  1. To ensure that complaints are appropriately and timeously dealt with in line with CrossReach procedures. 
  2. To regularly review and audit complaints and evidence the outcomes as required by internal and external bodies.

Salaries and Reward

  1. To ensure CrossReach salary scales are accurately held and updated.
  2. To support the Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development in salary negotiation discussions and calculations and ensure any salary changes are fully communicated and implemented.
  3. To ensure Job Evaluation panels run effectively.
  4. To promote existing and to research and implement new employee benefits.

HR Database

  1. To manage the HR Systems Advisor.
  2. To ensure processes are in place so management information is produced timeously and accurately.
  3. To identify areas of process improvement through system development.
  4. To act as lisison contact with the HR system provider, reporting issues for a prompt resolution.
  5. To maximise use of the system and identify areas of system development.


  1. To undertake the role of departmental liaison officer at an organisational level for safeguarding matters. 
  2. To work with the Safeguarding Office to review findings and outcomes and ensure organisational learning.

General Duties

  1. To prepare and present reports for the Council Committees, CMT and SMT as requested by the CEO or Director.
  2. To be a member of the Senior Management Team, undertaking relevant tasks and responsibilities within and on behalf of the group.
  3. To undertake speaking engagements on behalf of CrossReach.
  4. To promote Health & Safety awareness and compliance throughout the area of responsibility.
  5. To undertake such other duties as may be required by the Director.

Christian Leadership

To demonstrate and share Christian love and support including by leading of worship in accordance with CrossReach policy, and by ensuring all staff meetings are opened with prayer and Bible reading.



  • Relevant degree, diploma or social care qualification
  • Experience of at least 2 of the following: quality systems; policy development, organisational compliance, HR systems or monitoring performance.


  • Experience in a social care environment at management level


As we do our work in Christ’s name the job you have applied for requires you to have a Christian faith and be able to work within and uphold our Christian Ethos (this is an ongoing occupational requirement under the Equality Act 2010).

This post requires you to complete a Standard Disclosure and undertake the necessary vetting checks.

Skills and Abilities

  • Commitment to quality and continuous improvement.
  • The ability to communicate at all levels.
  •  A positive attitude
  • Good teamwork skills. 
  • Ability to influence change across the organisation.
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