Human Resources and Organisational Development Director

Salary: From £80,000.00 to £80,000.00

Plus company car or car allowance at £4,910 (under review)

Hours per week: 40.00

Job Status: Permanent

Closing Date:

Job Type: Full Time

Responsible To: Chief Executive Officer

Location: Charis House
Charis House, 47 Milton Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 2SR


Be part of our professional, people focused team where colleagues have shared values and what you do has a genuine impact on the people who use our services.


CrossReach is committed to supporting staff to deliver the best possible service.

We will nurture your talents, train, support and upskill you to do your job and help you to reach your full potential.  You can feel reassured that you are working for a highly respected, and caring organisation, with a 150 year history.

Our values, based on Christian principles are at the heart of what we do.  If you want to work in a corporate environment where colleagues share your values then apply now to join our team knowing that not only will you enjoy real job satisfaction and a good benefits package but the role you undertake will have a real impact on the lives of people who use our services.


Main Function

The successful candidate will demonstrate exceptional commercial acumen and strategic business insight with excellent leadership skills.

Within the context of the Christian ethos and values of Crossreach:

  • As a member of our Corporate Management Team, contribute to the effective leadership of the organisation through rigorous planning, analysis and strategic decision making.
  • Be responsible for and lead the Human Resources and Organisational Development departments including in the areas of organisational quality assurance, compliance improvement and safeguarding.
  • Take a lead role with the CEO, in making a strategic decisions around sustainability by advising on workforce and quality issues which may affect future viability of services or the organisation as a whole.  
  • To take a lead role in developing, delivering and embedding HR and Quality polices and processes and to advise on future strategies which will support the organisation to work towards and sustain high organisational performance.
  • To contribute to a rigorous annual budgeting process with the CEO and Corporate Management Team and bring forward relevant proposals on workforce planning. 
  • To be attuned to the external environment and to exploit opportunities to attract and manage appropriate resources which will support the strategic aims of the organisation.
  • To provide sound advice to the CEO, CMT and the CrossReach Board on the organisation’s overall workforce strategy.
  • To develop sound structures and systems to ensure that employees have a voice in all aspects of employment.

Main Duties

  1. Support the CEO in setting the overall workforce and quality strategy for the Organisation in line with Objectives of the CrossReach Board.
  1. To contribute to and foster a culture that promotes high quality performance and customer service, within a Christian ethos and value based work climate, enabling the Social Care Council to attract, retain and motivate a diverse and high quality workforce.
  1. Support the CEO to ensure that CrossReach responds positively to changes in operating environment, customer expectations and customer requirements.
  1. To assist the CEO in implementing, monitoring and reviewing the overall strategic plan for the organisation to ensure that the CrossReach Board meets its mission, vision and values and manages risk. 
  1. To lead employee forums to ensure effective communication and consultation on matters affecting the workforce and to lead on employee communications.
  1. To provide Workforce and Quality management information, monitoring reports and advice based on these to the CEO and Board on a regular basis and as required through Governance reporting.
  1. To be a member of the Corporate Management Team undertaking relevant tasks and responsibilities within and on behalf of the group and contribute to the strategic development of the Board.
  1. To ensure all staff within the Human Resources and Organisational Development section are appropriately managed and developed to meet the requirements of their role.
  1. To act as the principal Human Resources and Organisational development policy adviser to the CEO and to explore opportunities of influencing policy as it pertains to the workforce.
  2. In conjunction with other senior officers to assess and advise the CEO and Board on major issues of risk. 
  1. To work within a culture of continuous improvement to support performance of the Human Resources and Organisational Development section.
  1. To develop effective and efficient workforce and quality policies, procedures and programmes and support implementation of such within CrossReach.
  1. To demonstrate and share Christian love and support including by the leading of worship in accordance with CrossReach policy and by ensuring all staff meetings are opened with prayer and Bible reading.


  • Liaison Board Member For HR And Quality
  • Head Of Safegaurding Services - Church Of Scotland
  • Care Inspectorate Liaison Officer
  • Chair of CrossReach Staff Body (ACNG)


  • MCIPD/FCIPD membership (or working towards accreditation)
  • Proven track record of change management and implementing key strategic projects
  • Proven track record of leading a successful HR/Organisational development in a value based organisation.
  • Proven track record of understanding and delivering business requirements.


As we do our work in Christ’s name the job you have applied for requires you to have a Christian faith and be able to work within and uphold our Christian Ethos.  This is an Occupational Requirement under Part 1 of Schedule 9 to the Equality Act 2010.

This post requires you to either complete a Disclosure or be a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme and undertake the necessary vetting checks.

Skills and Abilities


  • Significant experience in progressively responsible leadership roles.
  • Demonstrate significant commercial acumen and strategic business insight.
  • Demonstrate the ability to think creatively and innovate.
  • Expresses complex concepts in a way which makes it easy for others who may not have a human resources background to understand
  • Proactive, decisive and adaptable with the ability to lead under pressure.
  • Experience of leading and coaching people to achieve their full potential.
  • Understanding of key employment legislation and ability to apply this or take further advice as necessary.
  • A bright confident communicator who is not focused solely on their own area of responsibility.


  • Experience in the Not for Profit and/or Social Care sector and/or Local Authorities.
  • Knowledge of the political and strategic environment as it relates to social care.

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