Lasting legacy

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Every legacy has the potential to make the most incredible difference to lives all over Scotland, giving someone, a family the hope that they need. 

Its not something we talk about day to day and many of us avoid it but every adult should have a will.

That is why we are delighted to be partnered with Jones Whyte to provide legal services such as their Will for Charity service, a Will Review service & a special Price Power of Attorney Service.

Why not watch the video below to find out just how easy it is.

Making a Will and supporting CrossReach

  • Without a Will the law decides who inherits. With a Will you decide. If there is no one, it can take longer and cost more to wind up your estate.
  • Jones Whyte’s Estate & Later Life Planning Service will help you get your affairs in order and ensure the gifts you want to leave to each of your loved ones and the charities you care about.
  • You can choose from 2 levels of service with Jones Whyte – Level 1 is a free online Will service with their partner Wellington Wills, and Level 2 is a meeting with one of their Estate Planning Consultants who will consider your circumstances and recommend the best type of Will for you (a fee will be quoted). They will make a donation of £30 to CrossReach when your Will is completed.

By considering leaving a gift to CrossReach you are enabling us to plan ahead and be there to save and support lives. 


Will Review

  • You may already have a Will, but is it correct and up to date? Sometimes a Will is sufficient but very often it is not. Get your Will checked before it’s too late
  • The review is only £150 + VAT. If you need a new Will the fee for the review will go towards the new Will.
  • Your personal circumstances may require a Will with Discretion or a Family Protection Trust, which both give your Executors flexibility. These are used to protect your assets for future generations. A fee will be quoted before you make an instruction.


Care home resident with CrossReach staff

Special Price Power of Attorney

  • A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document which appoints someone to act for you if you become unable to make decisions or manage your affairs. Without a POA your family may need to go to Court, causing extra hassle, delay and incurring extra expenses during a stressful time
  • Jones Whyte prepare thousands of POAs every year. They let you decide whether and when to register it, which can save you around £81 per person. They can also include a caveat, so even if it’s signed and registered, no one can use it until you say so, letting you keep control.
  • Jones Whyte will prepare your Power of Attorney for only £349+VAT per person. They even include the Health & Welfare Power free of charge. They will make a donation of £45 to our Charity when your POA is completed


To find out more you can visit: CrossReach Partner with Jones Whyte or download our leaflet here - Page 1 & page 2


Thank you for considering leaving a gift to CrossReach and for being you.

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