Appreciation for Morven Day Services

Tesco staff handing over an oversized cheque to Morven staff

Last month Angela Bryden from our Morven Day Services was delighted to receive a donation of £100 from the Tesco Extra store on West Shaw Street, Kilmarnock. 

Louise (left), who works at the store, has close connections with the service as her brother Ian had attended there for many years.

Described as a funny individual with an infectious smile, Ian was noted as always being the first person to ask if anyone needed a hand with anything. His main passion was pool and whilst he regularly enjoyed winning against his opponents, he was also keen to help around the service and he volunteered to help in the garden.

During periods where he was very unwell, Morven Staff supported Ian through these dark times, and he really appreciated the support he received.

Ian was a brilliant, valued individual who, following the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the required isolation period, sadly lost his life to suicide. He is sorely missed. 

Louise wanted the service to know how much Ian had appreciated Morven Day Services’ support, and the money raised will go towards the service’s planned garden renovations.  

A heartfelt thank you to Louise, Tracy Smith, Tesco Community Champion (right) and all those who supported this fundraiser. 

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