Celebrating our staff

Staff with their awards

"What a difference you are making....150 years of care services - what an achievement that is."

Iona Colvin, Chief Social Work Adviser to the Scottish Government

Today, 30th May 2019, we celebrated the difference CrossReach continues to make to the lives of the people of Scotland through our staff.

Inspiring presentations from guest speakers, our staff, our management, our Convener and The Right Rev Colin Sinclair, Moderator, General Assembly of the Church of Scotland followed the delicious lunch, and peppered the programme that recognised staff achievements, leadership succession, long service and the special awards.

  • Iona Colvin commended what she described as an "impressive demonstration of commitment to training, learning and development."
  • Jennifer Emery (Author 'Leading for Organisational Change') enthused the audience to embrace change.
  • The Right Rev Colin Sinclair thanked the CrossReach family for making all the difference to put the bubbles back into the lives of the people we serve and support, before thanking everyone for all that is done in Jesus Name.
  • Bill Steele (Convener) spoke of the 460 year total represented by those recognised for their long service.

...a few of the key points brought to everyone in attendance.

Congratulations to every person who has achieved qualifications over the past year and to every nominee for the awards.  Special congratulations to the award winners, pictured above:

  • Lynsey Drummond, Volunteer of the Year
  • Kenneth Sinclair, Employee of the Year
  • The Heart for Art Team, Ian Manson - Award for Excellence
  • Diane Fyfe, Ian Manson - Adult Learner of the Year

Our thanks goes to each and every one of our speakers, to Phillip Gillespie (Director of Development and Innovation, SSSC) for presenting the Award for Excellence 2019 and to our HR team for organising and hosting the event.  We thank Fiona Carlile (organist), Keith Murray (classical guitar), Colin Wright, photographer and Kerr Spanswick (videographer).

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