Continuing recovery through digital inclusion

WhiteInch manager and 2 volunteers receiving computers

Working in partnership with North West Glasgow Voluntary Sector Network (NWGVSN), CrossReach Glasgow Recovery services are delighted to be receiving 12 donated PCs that come complete with internet access and built-in camera.

The CrossReach Glasgow Recovery services, made up of the CrossReach Residential Recovery Service and the Whiteinch Move On Service, approached NWGVSN about accessing computers to help the new cohort of volunteers taking part in the CrossReach Volunteer Development Programme complete their training. In addition, the computers will provide a means of accessing online recovery and support as well as a way of keeping in touch with friends, family and the local community.

The CrossReach Volunteer Development programme, which has recently held its 2020 graduation, provides 12 weeks of learning and a placement where work experience is gained. The lived experience volunteers have been supported by CrossReach in recent years and now live in their own homes taking on varied roles once they complete training.

Connection is a vital part of aftercare for people who leave recovery.

If you're interested in finding out more about our Whiteinch Move On Service and CrossReach Residential Recovery Service, a new Facebook group has also been launched called CrossReach Glasgow Recovery Services



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