CrossReach 150th Anniversary Exhibition

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150 years ago in May 1869, a heart-felt desire to meet the social care needs of the people of Scotland led to the forging of what has become the Church of Scotland’s legacy of social care.

From that point and throughout the decades that followed, the Church of Scotland demonstrated a passion to make a real and lasting difference to individuals and communities throughout Scotland by its continued and uncompromising commitment to social care.

Today, while the way services are delivered has changed, CrossReach (the operating name for the Church’s Social Care Council) is honoured to continue this work.

From the very youngest to the very oldest, whatever their circumstances, we believe that in challenging times everyone needs someone in their corner;  someone who can help them as an individual to make the change that will allow them to thrive and live as full a life as possible.  Each aspiration is equally important and each milestone an achievement.

It is our privilege to invite you to celebrate 150 years of dedicated commitment by staff and volunteers alike by travelling back in time with us and walking through snap shots of our story.

Our immersive exhibition will take you on a journey through tales of transformation, courage and innovation and we hope you will find it an interesting and enriching experience.

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Images from the Exhibition:


From the immersive areas

Teddy in case

From the children's area

1950's room

The 1950's room

Homelessness area


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