CrossReach rescued me and I mean this sincerely

Laura and baby Hamish

“I never imagined I would see Christmas 2015, I was in a dark and overwhelming place, how could I overcome my emptiness.”

These are the words of ‘Laura’, a young mother whose battle with post-natal depression could have cost her her life.

In August that year, her life changed forever when she gave birth to her son, Hamish.

“As a good friend said, ‘you were here in person but your spirit was lost, your eyes were sad and you were lost’.

“By November 2015,” she says. “Hamish was 3 months old and life was slowly crumbling around me. I was on a downward spiral. I spoke with my health visitor and was referred to a Community Psychiatric Nurse. Though every experience is individual, for me, I felt let down by my healthcare providers and had nowhere else to go. So, feeling defeated and desperate I found CrossReach’s Bluebell Service.

CrossReach rescued me and I mean this sincerely. I was suicidal.

“At CrossReach, I found myself in a non-judgemental, calming, warm and welcoming atmosphere. An atmosphere far more conducive to the care I knew I needed. My counsellor at Bluebell was truly amazing: they listened and tried to understand how I was feeling and the root of my emotions. My first few sessions were me talking to my counsellor about why I had come to Bluebell. I remember feeling, after just one session, that I had been heard and I was ‘normal’. I learnt about me as ‘Laura’ and as a ‘mummy’.

“I have learnt that to be a good mummy is accepting that I am not perfect, in fact how can I be, Hamish and I are learning together. I am growing with Hamish and Hamish is learning how to grow and learn in his world. The one exception to this is our unconditional love for each other, from the day Hamish was conceived our bond began and is forever.

“CrossReach Bluebell have helped me, through counselling and support, find my inner strength, My counsellor told me ‘being good enough is okay’. For me these words are potent and remain with me forever.”

Thank you to Laura for generously allowing us to share her story as part of our focus on Mental Health Awareness Week 2020.  Her story previously featured in the October 2019 edition of Life and Work, as part of an article about people helped by CrossReach's counselling services by Jackie Macadam

COVID-19 Update:
During these challenging times, we are currently moving to an online therapy provision.  Support is currently in place for our most vulnerable parents and families.
  -- Jackie Walker, Head of Service, Children & Families for counselling and community

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