Dementia Action Week 2022

Linda Kelly, Rachael Hamilton MSP, Norrie Christie, Paula Pinda and Rev Browning

At CrossReach we offer dementia care which is person centred and focussed on enhancing quality of life for people living with dementia.

We adapt care to suit needs at every stage of your journey. We work with individuals and people who are important to them, and offer therapeutic interventions like Namaste Care, Heart for Art, Playlist for life, Cognitive stimulation therapy, Football memories, and any other therapeutic intervention that will enhance psychological wellbeing.

Our skilled staff team will work alongside individuals, and are dedicated and motivated to care and support people living with dementia to achieve their potential, and learn new skills. Our services have activity Co-Ordinators who will ensure that meaningful activity is offered and community involvement and links are maintained. We also have dementia ambassadors in each service who can offer additional specialist support, and they work closely with our dementia development team to ensure that we can tailor to any need, and continually develop as required.

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