Getting into change with The Prince's Trust

2018 graduate students

Following the success of last year’s partnership with the Prince’s Trust, CrossReach is pleased to announce the return of the ‘Get into’ initiative. This 5 week programme offers young people aged between 16 and 30, who are unemployed, the chance to explorer a career within Health & Social Care sector.

 The feedback from last year’s students was inspiring and humbling:

 “Before these past 5 weeks I felt so down-hearted after a traumatic experience 3 years ago when I lost my daughter and all sense of who I was but since I have gotten a place on this course I have found a sense of purpose in myself as an individual and met new friends along the way…Since I did my placement in Threshold [Glasgow] I have completely changed my opinion, all through my time there the staff and customers were so supportive, offering advice whenever possible.

 Thanks to all the support I have had from The Prince’s Trust and CrossReach, this has equipped me with the knowledge that I need to close the chapter on what was.  Now I can open new doors to fresh opportunities.  Thank you all.” - Steph

 “I’d like to say a massive thank you to The Prince’s Trust and CrossReach for giving me the opportunity to be on this course and for the opportunities that will continue to come my way.  Before I started on this course I have gone through a really tough time the last couple of years with my mental health, but especially when my dad passed away two years ago and I have really struggled to get back on my feet.  But when I saw the ad on Facebook for the Health and Social Care Course I thought to myself ‘this is what I really want to do’. 

 I have always had a passion to help others, but I didn’t believe in myself or think I would be successful.  Now I can stand here today and proudly say ‘I made it’!  I can now say ‘I feel so much happier and positive about my life’…I would like to thank all the staff and kids at The Mallard and The Garrett…I loved every minute of my placement.” - Caitlin

 “I had no idea of how great and life changing it would be, as before I was just a woman with two kinds and not a lot of confidence.  I just thought this will be an opportunity for me to get a job.  I was only thinkin’ of the money I would earn.

 Then I started the course and very quickly realised it is so much more than that.  It was like a family.  I have learnt so much being part of this.  I have learnt how to listen and be more confident in myself.  It opened my mind and made me also realise how I used to stereotype people without even knowing it.  I am happy and proud to be part of this programme: Not only has it opened so many doors for me, it has also made me a better version of myself.” - Maureen

 The success of this programme is reflected in our shortlisting for the 2019  Scottish Social Services Awards in the Making Change Happen category.

  We look forward to continuing our partnership with The Prince’s Trust and to unlocking the careers for some of Scotland’s young people who, at this moment in time, are not yet aware that Health and Social Care is the career path they have been waiting to find.

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