Gift of Time

Two men on a bench holding a watch

Every four years we are gifted an extra 1,440 minutes - that's 86,400 seconds!

This year we are asking you to gift some of this extra time to CrossReach. Why not have a look below at some of the ways you can get involved throughout the year - it'll only take a minute...!

Old fashioned teapot and slice of grey cake

Why not gift a few minutes to buy a calorie-free virtual slice of Grey Cake and a hot drink?  At £5, each virtual slice of cake and cuppa will help fund our counselling sessions for adults living with stress, anxiety, depression or addictions.  Buy cake and hot drink


3 men painting a bedroom

If your company has a community engagement programme or focus, why not consider gifting some of that time to CrossReach? For more information contact 


A tree with the leaves made out of handprints on a hessian background

Each of our directorates: Adult Care, Children and Families and Older People are often looking for that extra pair of hands. Could you come alongside and give some time that could make all the difference to the people we support? Visit our Volunteers page.


A man in outdoor activity clothing, waving

From designing a Christmas card to abseiling off the Forth Bridge, there's something for everyone to gift their time to throughout the year! Visit our Support Us page for ideas and inspiration.


Lady standing outside praying

We value the many prayers said to support our work. Why not take a look at our Prayer Diary and gift some minutes to praying for our services and the people we support.


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