Heart for Art - a lifeline

Mr & Mrs Norrie

"The past two years left us, like many people, feeling quite isolated as regular activities fell away.  

During this period my husband, Norrie, developed Alzheimer's dementia and his ability to get engaged in activities and talk to people were severely impacted.  

Since discovering CrossReach, the Heart for Art class has opened up a very bright spot in my husband’s week.  

Norrie now has a focal point to look forward to.  He gets encouragement and ideas from his art tutor and can become quite absorbed in the artwork at class, or he can talk at length to a tutor (something he misses as dementia is very isolating).

Personally, Heart for Art has been a godsend.  On my own, I can’t provide the stimulation and activities Norrie needs and his art class meet so many needs.  I know he’s engaged and happy;  he comes back with a bounce in his step and a feeling of worth.  Between classes he'll pull out his art folder and work on his own which frees me up to get on with the many things that now fall to me to deal with.

Recently, Norrie was invited to represent his art group at a CrossReach event hosted by the Church of Scotland in the Scottish Parliament.  Both of us were delighted to attend and meet many other people representing CrossReach and other charities, plus church representatives and parliamentarians.   I was very proud to see my husband’s artwork exhibited at the event and I know Norrie was very pleased.  It’s given him a new and interesting topic of conversation.

I’m indebted to Paula Pinda of CrossReach’s Heart for Art class ….. she threw a lifeline and we grabbed it, saving our sanity!"

From Karen Christie - Broomhill Group (Glasgow)

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