Highlighting CrossReach's response to human need

Lord Wallace addressing the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

In his final address to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 2022 Lord Wallace took time to focus on the work of CrossReach:
"I particularly want to highlight the work of CrossReach in their response to human need; to loving service. The different CrossReach services which I have been privileged to visit have displayed two constant features:

The quality of the service provided and the commitment by staff to recognise and honour the dignity and personality of each person who receives CrossReach services regardless of the circumstances in which they have been brought into contact. 

That commitment, I believe, reflects the leadership given from the very top. 

I readily confess that I had not fully appreciated the extent and the quality of CrossReach’s work before my engagement with them during the past year and I suspect the same goes for many Kirk members, so let their light shine before others so that others may see their good works."

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