Introducing the lovely Norma

Photo of Norma

Today we would like to introduce you to Norma and her story.

Norma lives with dementia. Currently, there are over 100,000 people living with dementia in Scotland and this figure increases by approximately 20,000 every year. An incredible 66% of residents in care homes are living with dementia, and they all require some sort of specialist care.

Norma is now living in a CrossReach care home at Whinnieknowe. Up until 2016 Norma was living in Helmsdale in Sutherland before moving to Inverness to live with her daughter, Kirsteen.

Stimulus and routine is essential to treat and engage people living with dementia and as much as her family wanted to be able to fulfil these needs themselves, as time went by they reached the point where they needed outside help to give Norma the support and care she deserved.

Knowing that Norma was somewhere where she would feel safe, loved and watched over was of the utmost importance to them. This is such a difficult and upsetting situation for any family to be in. When they get to the stage of finding a care home for a loved one. However It is unfortunately something that so many of us have or will have to deal with

“We saw Whinnieknowe on the CrossReach website and went to visit one Sunday afternoon. The staff were so warm and friendly, reassuring us throughout the whole visit. They even showed us a room with a great view of the river which ended up being her room! She wasn’t happy about going at first, care homes tend to get bad press, but she settled in straight away and now loves it”

Sandy, Norma’s son
Norma smiling on her birthday

In July of 2020 Norma celebrated a milestone, her 90th birthday! The staff made sure that the day was one to remember making Norma feel loved and special.

“She was so happy and quite overwhelmed by all of the VIP treatment!”

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