Jamie’s story

The Mallard- Jamie's story collage

Jamie and Stuart are twins. They were diagnosed with autism and a learning disability at 2 and a half years old. Jamie's life changed dramatically for the better, along with his family's when we were introduced to The Mallard, one of CrossReach respite resources. He was just 5 years old and attending a local special needs school.

Jamie was offered a place and although we had our reservations about sending him, it turned out to be the best decision ever!

This was so exciting for him and he settled in very quickly.

The Mallard and their wonderful staff gave Jamie another part to his life, a valuable, calm, safe space in which to learn at his own pace. He flourished as The Mallard took on this role superbly, taking input from us, his parents, school and social services. They even attended meetings with us all to keep us right.

The Staff at The Mallard loved Jamie and their care and dedication continued until Jamie was 19 years old. They helped and encouraged his independent living skills, his socialising, communication language and Makaton signing and he became more confident to learn.

Our ever wish and more for Jamie was accomplished through the endless dedication of all the staff within The Mallard; Mary, Sandy, Helen, Joanne, and Jean the cook who pandered to Jamie's limited diet, Liann and everyone. We will all be forever grateful to you all!

Jamie and Stuart are now 23 years old and have turned out to be lovely, happy, caring, responsible and well balanced young adults. 

Our thanks to Dorothy (Jamie’s mother) for writing this story.

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