Join the prayer revolution

Man praying with hands over face

Viv Dickenson, CrossReach CEO, is inviting you to join in a 'prayer revolution'.

"CrossReach services change lives. You help make that positive difference whenever you pray for us....Please join in and be part of a CrossReach prayer revolution this year." - Viv Dickenson, CrossReach CEO

Offering a selection of prayers written by staff from the new CrossReach Prayer Diary 2021/2022, the contribution is featured in the January Prayer Edition of The Church of Scotland's "Life and Work" magazine.

The new CrossReach Prayer Diary, which contains weekly prayers from each of the CrossReach services, can be downloaded from our website. Alternatively, the Prayer Diary can be downloaded as a widget for your website.

Will you join in the prayer revolution and make a positive difference for CrossReach this year?

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