Moderator's Time - by different means

Moderator and Mari Rennie on a digital meeting

Today marks the beginning of Moderator’s Time (previously CrossReach Week).  A time when we fling wide the doors to a selection of our services and introduce the Moderator to members of the CrossReach family: people who have chosen CrossReach to support them, people who have chosen to volunteer for CrossReach and people who have chosen to work with CrossReach, with many of them giving insights to their personal journeys and what CrossReach means to them. 

But it’s 2020 and things are very different!

Tho by different means, this week I’m going to be spending time with @CrossReach - and not least, thanking those who have continued to offer the very best care services across Scotland despite the enormous challenges.

-- Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair on Twitter

So, with social distancing in place and digital meeting technology plugged in and ready to go, CEO Viv Dickenson welcomed Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair to Charis House (CrossReach’s main Central Services office) where he participated in an insightful discussion on wellbeing. 

Led by Mari Rennie, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Rt Rev Dr Fair was introduced to the principles of  the Trauma Informed Relational Framework which are being adopted as an augmentation to CrossReach’s predominant models of person centred, compassionate and relational support.

Our Wellbeing Project Group lead, Jackie Bowman, led in a discussion about the measures that have been put in place to ensure each employee has knowledge of and access to the vital support tools and resources in place eg:

  • Counselling
  • Westfield Health 24/7 confidential support for CrossReach employees
  • Financial advice
  • Our staff Advisory, Consultative and Negotiation Group (ACNG)

Later, as he reflected on his visit, The Moderator tweeted:

Inspired to hear not only of the incredible work that CrossReach does but of their commitment towards the wellbeing of staff.  A reminder that clapping for carers isn't enough; we need to care for those who care.  Thank you.

--Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair

Having introduced Rt Rev Dr Fair to something of the behind the scenes work that supports our frontline delivery of care, we look forward to welcoming him to one of our Adult Care Services tomorrow.

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