National Forum Day 2021

People at the National Forum Day try out Belly Dancing.

One of the highlights in the CrossReach calendar is the annual National Forum Day for our adult learning disabilities services. The event brings together people and workers from across Scotland for a day of celebrating successes, enjoying activities together and feeding into the ongoing development of CrossReach services.

Taking place earlier this week, things looked a bit different this year! Having sadly had to cancel last year’s event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the services got creative by hosting the event across each of the five locations and joining together virtually.

The day included a mixture of live stream, in person activities (including some Belly Dancing!) and feedback sessions. Special guest appearances were made by George Webster (TV presenter and actor), Suzanne of Singing Hands (singing with Makaton) and the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, to name a few.

"It was great seeing the photos and videos showing what everyone has been doing this year"

- Robert

"I enjoyed writing the quiz and seeing everyone’s videos online on the day of the Forum"

- Aileen 

The National Forum was started over ten years ago as a way to promote the voices of the people who use our services.

Currently made up of eight members the forum meets every couple of months to feedback on their support and on important areas of their lives. They are regularly joined by senior CrossReach staff and guest speakers who benefit from their insight.

Each year the group helps with the planning of the National Forum Day and a special report is created of people’s views.

The forum is not only a space for members to speak into the things that affect them within CrossReach. They have also pushed for changes in their day-to-day lives such as improvements to pavements and supermarket signage.

Congratulations to the National Forum team for helping make this year’s event a great success.

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