Old fashioned sweet shop opens at Williamwood House

Sweet shop at Williamwood House

Do you remember parma violets, pear drops or flying saucers? Well, they are just some of the wonderful range of retro items on sale in the sweet shop at Williamwood House in Clarkston which opened recently.

Manager at Williamwood Donna Shields explains: “The sweet shop idea originated from residents’ monthly meetings. The area was in a corridor at the back of the house which has a glass atrium roof. It had conservatory furniture but was rarely used, so that’s why we decided to revamp it.

“Concepts for the design, size, type of till and scales all came from their recollections. A wall mural design was sketched from descriptions of the residents’ younger days and sent to a company to be replicated in wallpaper.”

“They named all their favourite sweets from their youth and we sourced and bought them.”                                

“There are a number of benefits for the residents. Firstly, social interaction, as we have café style tables and chairs opposite the counter where they sit and enjoy drinks and sweets.

“Also a feeling of value and worth, as it is residents who ‘serve’ in the shop and take the money, so they are retaining skills. And those who are not normally able to go out and about still manage to ‘shop’ within the home.”

“Finally what springs to mind is ‘reminiscence’. The street mural plus the scales and till stir up memories from their youth and stimulate discussion.”

Mrs. Pat Jones lives at Williamwood:

“The sweet shop is very good - it’s open three days a week. I enjoy working there as it reminds me of my younger days when I worked a till. The prices are very reasonable, but sometimes I feel under pressure when everyone comes in at once!”

Sherbet fountain anyone?



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