Pupils welcome Baroness Goldie to their campus

Baroness Annabel Goldie came to visit our class 6 pupils in school recently.

She took time out her very busy schedule to discuss headline topics with our pupils, including Brexit, the conflict in Syria and Shamima Begum’s request to come back to the UK and what a day’s work in the House of Lords looks like where pupils had the opportunity to see the previous day’s List for Business in the Chamber.

Thinking about the famous and well known people Baroness Goldie would have come in contact with, the boys asked her, in her view, who the most interesting person was that she had met.

They were surprised and delighted when she said that people who would be described as being regular members of the public were amongst the people she has found to be most interesting.

The boys also asked her if she had met the Queen, to which she said yes, before sharing about what it means to be a baroness.

Everyone found the time they spent with her informative, engaging and highly enjoyable.

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