Recognising the outstanding efforts of CrossReach staff

Scene from the 2019 CrossReach Service of Celebration

Every year around this time we usually hold our Service of Celebration. Still keen to commend and celebrate the work and achievements of staff and volunteers this year Mari Rennie (Director of HR&OD) recorded a video for staff [transcript below]:

“Dear Colleagues,

“This Thursday is being cited as the last week when the nation will clap for carers in a co-ordinated way and it is, co-incidentally, also the day on which we had planned to hold our annual service of celebration. 

“The event is an important one in the CrossReach annual calendar because it is aimed at celebrating the efforts of our workforce.

“From gaining a qualification to recognising the winners of our “Learner of the Year, Employee & Volunteer of the Year", and last but not least the Ian Manson, Award for Excellence", as well as our dedicated long servers, those who have worked with CrossReach for an amazing 20, 30 and 40 years.

“Since we cannot hold our service this year we wanted to send you a message on this day -to recognise the outstanding efforts you have shown to keep going in the face of adversity.  You have continued to provide essential care and support, including in our Older People's services, end of life care, in a different way, and certainly under very different circumstances. 

“You have had the extra burden of anxiety not only for your own health and that of your family, but also for the people who use our services.  If there was an award for Resilience we would have too many worthy winners this year and as we think of our own CrossReach heroes and heroines - we thank you. "

We look forward to the 2021 service where, all being well, we can again meet together to celebrate our wonderful staff!

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