The Sky's the Limit

Resident standing in Cunningham House gym

My story starts with coming to the end of my tether with a drug habit. Living on the streets for 14 years I found myself in the hospital, almost half dead, when I met a lovely organisation called Cyrenians.  Later, following a full recovery, the Cyrenians worked with me closely and on becoming discharged tried their hardest to get me housed in a supported hostel.

Eventually, with an Arc Angel looking down on me, I finally received note that I have a place in Cunningham House.

“This is the fresh start I need” I said,let's make a go of this, it's now or never.”

The first moment I stepped in Cunningham I realised "They are here for you and not just here to keep an eye on you", giving me more hope in myself, still saying I can do this.

Later, I got chatty with the staff, one in particular, who later became my key worker. This couldn't of worked out better.

She, and all the staff at Cunningham, have helped me to the point where I really believe in myself. I set my goals high because this opportunity does not come round too often.

The support I have had is very special to me and will hold for the rest of my life, with some of the staff making me aware of the AA organisation; changed my life so much.

With the way I have moved forward with my life, in this small amount of time at Cunningham, thanks has to be given to the staff for all their support.

I now have goals in my life and support from friends and family which I could not have before. Now I can now reach out for help freely, speaking about my problems and not hiding away using drugs as a way of forgetting the past.

The only way is up from here.  With further help from Cunningham and my family the sky’s the limit.

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