Therapy dog delight

Alex looking into a dog's eyes

Residents at The Elms in Edinburgh have been welcoming back some well-loved, four-legged friends into to their home recently. Tulli, Skye and Toffee (pictured) were regular guests before lockdown and now they’re back!

Brought along by volunteers from Canine Concern Scotland Trust, the dogs spark reminiscences and conversation is soon flowing with comments such as “I had one just like this” and “I enjoy having a dog around!” Alex (pictured) has always been a dog lover and even though he experiences difficulty with communicating because of dysphasia, on seeing Toffee, he lifted the dog on to his lap and asked what the dog’s name was, saying it was lovely and could he keep it. 

Ashley Reid, Care Team Supervisor at The Elms dementia care home said “The residents are always so happy to see the dogs, it completely changes their mood which lasts for the rest of the day. It really does change people’s life’s having dogs (and other animals) around.”

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