To safeguard the integrity of creation

During The Moderator's time with us, Rt Hon Lord Wallace of Tankerness engaged in a special roundtable event convened by Eurodiaconia, to consider issues relating to net-zero carbon emissions for buildings, specifically those used for social care/diaconal services.  Meeting online, CrossReach showcased 3 pieces of Artwork by Heart for Art artists that focus on the impact of climate change as an example of building based social care service support.

The discussion was an opportunity for Eurodiaconia members to share ideas and knowledge about how to approach net-zero targets'


"It was a chance for members to meet and exchange views and projects from different countries and different Christian traditions who were working on the common goal to safeguard the integrity of creation. It was a chance for the Church of Scotland and CrossReach to share some of their recent experience and to highlight the importance of work to tackle the climate emergency just as COP26 was about to get underway in Glasgow. The roundtable heard from Eurodiaconia members in Iceland, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands about the practical challenges as well as the role of faith and spirituality in responding to climate change. The ideas that were discussed will feed into the Church of Scotland’s own Net Zero Work Group and it was agreed that Eurodiaconia members would continue to share news and ideas in the coming months and years."
 -- David Bradwell, Scottish Churches Parliamentary Officer

Later on in the week, as part of the Queen's Green Canopy Platinum Jubilee initiative and to symbolise the nurture and growth of the children and young people supported by the services offered at The Mallard in Glasgow, Lord Wallace planted a tree that will produce edible apples for what we hope will be very many years to come.

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