Tony - Preparing the way


Recovery is a personal journey. Whether it’s achieved through total abstinence or harm reduction, CrossReach Residential Recovery Service offers the individual the choice and support that makes it possible for them to realise their full potential and become their very best selves.

Tony, a senior recovery worker at the service (formerly Rainbow House), spoke from the heart about his own recovery journey at last month’s Parliamentary reception for the Social Care services of the Church of Scotland.

Douglas Ross, Scottish Conservative leader said “A number of MSPs could learn from the heartfelt passion of Tony’s presentation.”

The event, arranged by the Moderator Lord Jim Wallace, heard Viv Dickenson, CrossReach CEO, comment that “without doubt my first priority has to be people” and that "CrossReach provides recovery services in many areas of Scotland, aiming to engage those who are at the point in their lives where they want to do something about their substance use. We offer a range of interventions which embrace both harm reduction or total abstinence approaches, giving people choice and control. Our core belief is that the abstinence gives people the best opportunity to live life to the full again but know that having the choice is important to those accessing our services."

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