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Services offered at Heart for Art

  • Getting creative with dementia

We know from research and our own experience that creativity stimulates conversation, aids concentration and even improves memory retention.

With pencil or paintbrush in hand, we see people with dementia expressing themselves freely and finding new ways to communicate.

In the company of art tutors and others with dementia, our artists find friendship, purpose and acceptance. As their confidence grows, so do their smiles.

Support for families and carers
Heart for Art provides an opportunity to take part in an activity alongside someone with dementia. It also gives you a chance to take a break or to talk to and support others in a similar situation. Advice is always at hand from a CrossReach Dementia Ambassador as there’s one on hand at every Heart for Art session.

Breaking down barriers
We exhibit our artwork as much as possible, proving the value and beauty of what people with dementia can do.

In May 2021 we launched our new online art gallery showcasing the work produced by Heart for Art artists through our virtual sessions and art packs. Created using a variety of mediums and featuring a wide range of styles and subject matter, we hope you will be inspired as you take time to study these masterpieces - each one a testimony to the extraordinarily creative abilities of the artists.

“What a wonderful idea. Thank you for including me. We don’t see each other now but the exhibition let us have a conversation” --Agnes Sandilands, Heart for Art participant

“Looking forward to the next virtual exhibition. The last one was just amazing – technology has certainly been a life-saver over the last months!” --Kathleen, Heart for Art volunteer

Celebrating our artists
Celebrating our artists is something we love at Heart for Art we encourage anybody with dementia to come along and join our groups or in the meantime try one of our virtual sessions or art packs. It doesn’t matter if you’ve painted all your life or you’re completely new to it. Join us and experience the creativity, companionship and self-confidence that Heart for Art provides.

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