Intensive support and accommodation with a fast referral process.

Located close to the village of Kippen, high quality accommodation and a rural environment provide an enhanced experience for a maximum of 3 children & young people. 

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Lynsay Munro

Services offered at The Old Lodge

  • Children's houses

The Old Lodge, Boquhan, opened in September 2018 and replaces House of Newburn. This refurbished bungalow, set in the grounds of the Boquhan Estate, offers accommodation for 3 children & young people aged 8 years to early twenties.

Since 2008 our Intensive Support Service has successfully helped children & young people who are vulnerable and at risk within their homes or communities and require additional support.

Our fast response referral process allows young people to be placed on the same day if required and, subject to availability, placements can range from short term respite through to a medium and long term placement.

Our 1:1 staffing ratio allows for an intensive support package to be designed around the needs of the child/young person, with aims of:

  • Building positive and trusting relationships
  • Providing a safe, stable and homely environment
  • Assisting in preparation for a return to their family and/or previous placement, where possible
  • Working in partnership with young people, families and placing Local Authority
  • Providing a comprehensive assessment of needs, to develop an appropriate long term care plan
  • Maintain education and connections, in their home community and to develop new opportunities
  • Create opportunities to have fun, new experiences and positive outcomes
  • Assist children & young people into positive destinations
  • Supporting children & young people from acute crisis to stability
  • Providing short to medium intensive support to avoid long term care if possible
  • Supporting transition to a more stable setting

Our relational - Attachment and Trauma informed approach, provides a model of understanding and caring for children who have experienced adversity in their early years.

This approach enables children & young people to recover and heal from the harm caused by past trauma and negative life experiences by creating a therapeutic environment.

Often children & young people referred to our service have experienced multiple placements and have been assessed as requiring high level and specialist intervention.

Our key strength is working with children & young people whose behaviors can be described as challenging, reactive and risk taking due to a various factors:

  • Physical neglect
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Emotional abuse and neglect
  • Insecure and disorganised attachment

Depression, anxiety, self-harm, low self- esteem, risk behaviours, sexualised behaviours and inability to trust and form positive relationships are common presenting themes.

Continuing Care and Through Care & After Care services can be provided based on individual need.

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