Looking back

Your impact on our work

2021 has been an extraordinary year – one none of us are likely to forget. Yet, despite the unending challenges presented, the equally extraordinary CrossReach workforce rose to the challenge, turned itself inside out and continued to care.  Continuing to show love in action we:

  • Redesigned the whole counselling service, through virtual technology.
  • Found new ways of keeping our service users in touch with their loved ones.
  • Sent out hundreds of activity and learning packs to children.
  • Helped deliver virtual visits in prison settings.
  • Continued offering drug and alcohol recovery services – and celebrated success.
  • Turned our school into a food distribution centre, while delivering lessons online.

We were there, every step of the way, for those made most vulnerable by an unpredictable pandemic and we could not have done it without the help of people like you. 


Our faith, love, care and compassion are vast, but it takes an equally huge amount of time, money and resources to support those in need across Scotland.  

That is why this summer we are reflecting on all we have overcome so far this year and celebrating you, our incredible supporters who make our lifechanging and lifesaving work possible. Something we never take for granted. Thank you from our staff, customers you see below and beyond

Here are just a few stories about our work, made possible by you. You can also click the title of each story to see more information 


CT smiling at the camera

Brought hope for a brighter future

Having lived on the streets for 14 years and funding himself 'half dead' in hospital, CT is now in a place where he could be ready to take on his own tenancy

"I now have goals in my life and support from friends and family which i could not have before. Now i can reach out for help freely, speaking about my problems and not hiding away using drugs as a way of forgetting the past. The only way is up from here. With further help from Cunningham [CrossReach] and my family the sky's the limit"

CT, Cunningham House 

Brought together through reading

We know the pandemic’s impact on the wellbeing and mental health of children is yet to be fully understood. However, it’s clear that for children who were already facing the enormous challenges and struggles that come from having a parent in prison, COVID-19 restrictions have been particularly devastating.

Staff at our HMP Polmont Visitor Centre have been working tirelessly to find creative, safe and meaningful ways to support children to maintain and strengthen their relationships when they have a parent that is in prison. Give A Book (charity) provided books that allowed a child at home and their parent in custody to read the same book over video calls.

Mother and son smiling
Norma smiling at the camera

Brought together at our care homes

"We didn't think we would be able to see mum, except for a skype given the Covid-19 restrictions. The staff however, pulled our all the stops to mark the occasion and, following the latest social distancing guidelines, arranged a rota to allow not one but three seperate birthdays to be celebrated over the course of the day. 

It was so good to see mum albeit from a safe distance with appropriate masks supplied by staff, also also to catch up with the staff themselves who have become an extended family since mum moved there"

Sandy, Normas son

Brought together at our counselling services

“Because the centre was closed we couldn’t visit the centre, but the staff have phoned us continuously throughout lockdown.

I actually went through a very  stressful time during lockdown to the point I was ready to take my life again but the staff seen me through it, kept my spirits up and it was great, couldn’t fault them in any way.”


“They did that with everyone, made sure we were ok…and didn’t feel so alone”


Tracy smiling at the camera
We have been able to offer over 2500 familes councelling since 2020




Thank you for being a part of our journey

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