The decade 1950-59 saw a proliferation of services as the Committee opened 19 new elderly care homes across the country. As well as this 3 children’s homes were opened bringing the total to 8 along with 9 hostels for young working men and women.  In 1954 the Committee, celebrating 50 years since the establishment of the Committee on Social Work affirmed in its annual report that its policies were still governed by the principles laid down by the General Assembly in 1904. The most important principle stated that in carrying out its work the Committee was “to carry with them the approval and active sympathy of the ministers and members of the Church in the immediate neighborhood”. Over half of the new care homes opened that decade were as a result of cooperation between the Committee and the Presbyteries.  Another principle was to embrace opportunities to work with other voluntary and statuary and religious bodies in order to share experience and avoid overlapping services and waste. To that end the representatives of the Committee were active members of various relevant organisations including the Scottish Council of Social Service since its inception and the Scottish Advisory Council on Child Care.