In 1970 the Social and Moral Welfare Board became a Department and the Committee on Social Service once again became an independent Committee. Then in 1976 the Committees on Social Service, and on Moral Welfare and the Women’s Committee on Social and Moral Welfare came to an end and the Board of Social Responsibility was formed to:

  1. Provide specialist resources to further the caring work of the Church
  2. Identify existing and emerging areas of need and to guide the Church in pioneering approaches to relevant problems
  3. To study and present essential Christian judgement on social and moral issues.1976 opening two cottages for disabled in Glasgow

During the 1970s the number of new services fell in comparison with the two previous decades although in keeping with precedent, 4 new elderly care homes were opened.  Taking advantage of the relative quiet period the Board looked to upgrade existing services and introduced new policies concerning fire precautions and adding passenger lifts to elderly care homes where possible. While other services were adapted to meet different needs such as Inchbank to operate as an in care facility for those referred by children’s panels and social work departments.