2000 to date

In 2005 following a reorganisation of central administration the Board of Social Responsibility was re-named to the Social Care Council of the Church of Scotland, trading as CrossReach. The name CrossReach was chosen to convey the desire to reach out to people who need support across Scotland while making clear that faith is the motivation for our work.

In keeping with the principles set out in 1904 CrossReach continues working with other voluntary agencies to provide services to those who need them most. For example Perth Prison Visitors centre is a support and advice centre run in cooperation with Barnardos, the Scottish Prison Service, Perth & Kinross Council, Angus Council and NHS Tayside. 

In 2013, the Scottish Parliament passed the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013. The Act gives people a range of options for how their social care is delivered, beyond just direct payments, empowering people to decide how much ongoing control and responsibility they want over their own support arrangements. While the implementation of this legislation did entail some reassessing of processes, the concept of personalization has long been a consideration in CrossReach care services, particularly in the development of services for people with learning disabilities in the 1980s.

Support services continue to develop for adults and children addressing a broad spectrum of needs. A good example of this is the work being done at Simpson House which runs the Sunflower Garden Project, set up in 2003 to work with children affected by addiction within their families through therapeutic interventions. While in 2004 they began providing counselling service to long term prisoners.