Why work for us?

A social care employer you can put your faith in

At CrossReach we are dedicated to helping you enjoy your work and supporting you to deliver the best possible care.

Whatever your background, religion or experience of working in care, you can trust us to nurture your talents, train you to do your job as well as you can, and help you reach your full potential.

Working in social care is hugely fulfilling, on a professional and personal level. If you have a care role, you can see the difference you’re making to people’s lives every single day. Even if you don’t deliver care directly, you are still playing a vital part in helping us to reach and support those in greatest need.

"Every day is different and you can have such a positive impact on someone’s life, so at night you go home and feel good about yourself."

Natalie, Threshold Glasgow

Other than the rewarding nature of the job, there are many benefits to working at CrossReach.

Why work for us?

Learning, training and qualifications
You will be supported in an individual learning plan to help you develop professionally and personally. Depending on your needs and objectives, training can help you earn qualifications (required for registered roles), progress in your career and gain more job satisfaction.

Huge diversity of roles
Career progression can be upwards but also sideways. With so many roles in so many locations across Scotland, you may be surprised where a job at CrossReach can take you.

A Christian Ethos
We aim to show the practical side of our Christian faith by reflecting Christian love to people who use our services, through our leadership, management and working relationships. You don’t have to be a churchgoer, a member of the Church of Scotland, or even a person of faith for some of our jobs, but you need to be aware that this Christian Ethos is at the heart of our work.

Valued and celebrated
Your contribution to helping others will be valued every day, but to celebrate individual and collective achievements we also conduct regular reviews, share positive feedback and even host an annual awards ceremony.

Flexible working patterns
Where possible we will accommodate flexible working hours and patterns.

Part of the ‘family’
CrossReach is one of the leading social care providers in Scotland. We have over 1,800 staff, as well as around 500 volunteers, working all across Scotland. Diverse as we are, we are united by our desire to care for those in need, as well as each other. And as your employer, we are committed to looking after your health, safety and wellbeing at all times.

Excellent benefits package
As well as competitive salaries and a tailored training plan, you will get an excellent benefits package that includes pension, healthcare scheme, childcare vouchers, generous holiday allowance and more. Find out more here

“There is a genuine feeling of dedication and commitment around fun and a ‘can-do’ attitude.”
Rebecca Tennant, Community & Events Officer

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