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Our faith, love, care and compassion are vast, but it takes an equally huge amount of time, money and resources to support those in need across Scotland.  
Because of incredible people like you joining us to make a difference, we have been able to achieve so much in the past year even during lockdown, including:

  • Pioneering remote counselling for people at rock bottom
  • Virtual vists in prison settings
  • Provided countless children with activity, learning packs and snacks
  • Found new ways to keep families connected in our care homes
  • Again helped thousands of people all over our country who desperately need a helping hand 

By setting up a regular gift to CrossReach, no matter how much or how often, you will be helping us to save and change even more lives. That also makes you a part of our amazing CrossReach family

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“Unlike some charities, you are respectful of your donors. Even though times are hard, you a never push, sending emotive messages. I appreciate your gentle approach and try to help if I can. 

I'm in awe of the wide range of lives that you touch, especially where you strive to bring love, care, dignity and respect to folk who are sometimes marginalized by society” 

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Benefits of being a member include:

  • A special gift of recognition when you sign up and badges at milestones throughout your time with us
  • Updates on how your donations are being put to use and the impact you are having
  • Exclusive invitations to our events
  • Discount and priority access to merchandise including Christmas cards, calendars and so much more
  • A £10 gift could buy some colouring pencils and pens for children to enjoy in our Prison Visitors Centres
  • A £25 gift could allow a child affected by their parent’s substance misuse to take part in activities to build self-esteem and confidence. 
  • A £50 gift could cover the cost of a 1-hour counselling session for someone at rock bottom who doesn't have the means to pay for the support they need.
  • A £125 gift could cover a 1 day stay at one of our specialist care homes for someone living with dementia.
  • A £500 gift could fund a crèche to enable a group of mums to meet for a session and learn IT skills

To start your journey with us, simply click the JustGiving button below.

If you have any questions however we would love to hear from you by calling our amazing fundraiser Rozelle on 07920 042 941 or emailing


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After the birth of my daughter I found myself in a very bad place with my mental health. I had received counselling before but it never really worked out so when I arrived at CrossReach I wasn’t feeling hopeful but when I stepped into the building and laid it all out to my counsellor it felt completely different to the sessions I had before elsewhere.

My CrossReach counsellor made me feel like I could talk about all of the things that I was so afraid to say out loud and I would be met with unconditional support and no judgement. I’m eternally grateful for the safe space that was created for me to heal. I chose to donate because I want other parents to be able to access that same support that I had.

CrossReach service user and donor