High ratings for Gaberston House from the Care Inspectorate

On the 15th of December, Gaberston House, our residential service for adults with mental health issues, received a surprise inspection from the Care Inspectorate. The inspection set out to review and measure the quality of care delivered by the service. Following the inspection, which uses a six-point scale where one is unsatisfactory and six is excellent, Gaberston House was awarded two category 5 ratings. 

 "We as a team are very pleased to have the recognition from the Care Inspectorate for the work we are achieving in supporting at Gaberston."

Eleanor Trivett, Service Manager

Feedback from the inspectors

“We found significant strengths in aspects of the care provided and how these supported positive outcomes for people, therefore we evaluated this key question as very good. Staff knew people well and people benefitted from warm and respectful relationships with all staff, and this provided meaningful interaction in people’s lives."

“The service has a very person-centred approach to care and support and aimed to improve health and wellbeing and people were regularly supported with healthcare and medical appointments."

“There was a comprehensive quality assurance system in place and the manager regularly empowered others to become involved in audit and evaluation activities, which resulted in a comprehensive development plan for the service.”

 “It is encouraging for us that the hard work of our staff has been commended by the regulators. I think that the inspectors were able to see that the people we support at Gaberston are at the heart of everything we do. We’re really proud to serve Alloa and we’re always looking to improve our service. As a result, we will be rebuilding our premises on Whins Road this year. In the coming months, we will be looking to recruit new staff to join our brilliant team."

John MacDonald (Head of Service in Strategy) speaking with the Alloa Advertiser

Gaberston House is currently in the process of rebuiding the property it stands on to convert the old building into new flats, to promote more independence for the people who use the service.

We are incredibly proud of Gaberston House for their commitment to excellent service delivery, and the impact of their work on the lives of the people they support. 

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