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The real story of CrossReach is the work our staff do. Here are a few case studies of people we have supported and cared for. Reaching out to people in need, we will continue to provide support like this in the future.

Substance Misuse

Christine turned up at one of our residential rehabilitation services for those addicted to alcohol at a point in her life where “My addiction had eaten away at me, robbing me of my family, confidence, self esteem and finance; the feeling of loss and of being lost overpowered me.” After her time with us, Christine is now free from her addiction, has rediscovered her faith and belief in herself.

Children and Families

Sid has been in foster care since being 6 weeks old. There is a plan to re-introduce Sid, now 11 months old, to his mother and family.The plan includes Sid and his mother attending a Baby Massage Training Group. Sid’s mother was physically abused and beaten during pregnancy.The fight was with another drug dealer. Sid’s parents met whilst teenagers – they were both in care. Sid’s mum knows this is her “last chance” to keep Sid.

Learning Disabilities

Banff with my mum and dad, aye right! Daniel was 19 in a wheelchair, had Learning Disability, was introverted …… and wanted a life. So, instead of Banff, went to Benidorm with guys of his own age on one of Crossreach’s holiday’s with support.

Daniel did not see it, but others watched his growth in self esteem and confidence with Crossreach as he became involved in interviewing staff for jobs, advocating for others and also a valued part of the team filming the lives of Crossreach Services. Daniel was no longer quiet and reserved, but outgoing, growing in competence.

And his parents ….. well they had a guilt free holiday in Banff, their first for 20 years where they could relax.

Older People

Mary developed dementia in her early 70s and was cared for by her daughter Sandra for several years. As Mary’s health deteriorated the demands on Sandra and her family increased causing a great deal of strain. Despite this, it was with reluctance that Sandra eventually accepted that her mum should enter one of CrossReach’s Specialist Dementia Care Homes. Several months later, Mary has settled well in her new home and Sandra has the knowledge that her mum is getting specialist care. Sandra now has peace of mind and enjoys her regular visits to her mum.

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