Move-on accommodation gives you somewhere to live, plus any extra support you need.

It’s a stepping stone between homelessness and getting your life back on track.

You’ll be living in your own furnished flat, but you won’t be on your own. We can help with health issues, substance use, family relationships, social skills, budgeting, housing applications, counselling and more.

Where is move-on accommodation available?

Service Locations

Cale House


Temporary accommodation and support for adults looking to move into their own tenancies.

More information 01463 718616

CrossReach Rankeillor


Accommodation, advice and support for people moving towards more secure and settled housing.

More information 0131 225 4901

Cunningham House


Safe and supportive hostel accommodation for homeless adults in Edinburgh.

More information 0131 225 4795

The Kirkhaven Project


Accommodation, support and social care for homeless adults with complex needs.

More information 0141 550 4889