Workplace counselling

Workplace counselling can boost the mental health, emotional wellbeing and productivity of employees.

Sometimes life presents us with challenging situations that leave us feeling overwhelmed. Work may be the cause of these problems, or our performance at work may suffer because of them. Either way, talking, offloading and exploring issues with a specialist workplace counsellor can have huge benefits.

At CrossReach we offer a dedicated workplace counselling programme called Confidential Conversations.

If you’re an employee, Confidential Conversations offers you a way to access professional and impartial counselling in a neutral, private setting. You can choose weekly one-to-one counselling sessions, or [describe external supervision here].

If you’re an employer, Confidential Conversations helps you to fulfil your responsibility to look after the health and wellbeing of your staff. It can be offered as part of a wider Employment Assistance Programme (EAP).

What to know more about counselling, costs or getting started?

Call us on 0845 208 5100

Confidential Conversations are unable to offer face-to-face appointments for now but we are otherwise operating our usual service remotely.

Service Locations

CrossReach Counselling: Lothians (Edinburgh)


A high quality, confidential counselling service, providing a range of counselling services to individuals, families, children and young people.

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CrossReach Counselling: Lothians (Prestonpans)


Confidential counselling for people of all ages in East Lothian.

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