Learning by listening

Update on Quality Circles events

Our Quality Circles events are an opportunity for residents, service users and staff to come together and share views and experiences relating to the quality of our Older People services. We want to know what works well and what we can do to achieve the best outcomes for everyone we support. 

The aim is to give all our residents and service users the opportunity to contribute to the service strategy and development, with an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. 

Participation is voluntary and everyone is supported to engage in a way that is meaningful to them and centres around five core themes: 

  • Wellbeing
  • Care and Support
  • Inclusion
  • Compassion
  • Dignity and Respect

These themes echo the principle outlined in the Health and Social Care Standards.

The Quality Circle afternoon teas w/c 23rd October '23 were a fantastic way to gather feedback.  The environments were relaxed and encouraged open and meaningful conversations. We gathered lots of great and helpful feedback that has helped, and will continue to help, us learn from the people choosing CrossReach to provide their support.

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