Sky high futures!

Young people wearing high viz vests

On the back of young people feedback and networking opportunities made at the Careers Day last September, Emma Heaney, Employability Mentor at Erskine Waterfront Campus, arranged a whole school trip. Yes, from the youngest class to the senior year, all the young people headed off to Glasgow Airport!

The group had the full airport experience, from check in and going through security, to boarding a Jet2 plane and watching take-offs and landings. For some young people it was the first time they’d been on a large coach or plane, and everyone got their first look at the airport fire station.

“ The airport was big. I enjoyed the whole trip because it was fun.” 

Emma said, “We learned a lot about careers, how to access opportunities for certain jobs and above all, we had lots of fun!” she continued that “it’s important for the young people to experience ‘beyond the fence' opportunities in order to prepare them for their futures and look positively into life beyond school.”

The feedback from the young people was that it was all really impressive…up to a point…

 “Seeing the Emirate plane was so cool man, it’s so big and I seen a plane take off, it was rapid… not as rapid as me though! 

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