Grey cake bake

Image of grey cake with rainbow centre

You are all invited to bake cakes!  Cakes which raise awareness of and funds for the work of CrossReach to improve mental wellbeing right across Scotland.

Did you know that in Scotland 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 10 children will experience a mental health problem each year?  

You and your friends/baking group can support children and adults affected by mental health problems by baking cakes that are colourful inside, but with their lovely brightness hidden by dull, grey icing. These cakes symbolise the world of someone who is affected by poor mental health; a fog of anxiety can feel overwhelming and colour their experience of life.

This is a wonderful chance to fundraise and raise awareness of very real and current issues, at one and the same time.

Our downloadable toolkit provides you with all you need to make a stir (pun intended!).  Be sure to let us know what you have planned so we can promote it.

Download toolkit